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About brand

Good day!
My name is Elena Kondrasheva. I am doctor-cosmetologist.

Having 20 years of practical experience in rejuvenating and skin care, I decided to create my own cosmetic brand. With my team of biochemists and technologists, I was able to develop a comprehensive care system that is based on the basic principles of skin rejuvenation:

  • Cleansing
  • Exofoliation
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Stimulation
  • Protection

My popular question – «Why does it work?»

I constantly answer that due to:

  1. The optimal number of ingredients with proven clinical effectiveness.
  2. The natural base of the cream which repeats the lipid composition of the skin.
  3. Unique balanced recipe.
  4. Lack of critical chemical elements and aggressive preservatives.
  5. Natural antioxidant fullerene water.

My care system is based on the selection of ingredients depending on the problem, and not on the type of skin. The bases of our creams are almost identical to the lipid composition of the stratum corneum, therefore they are suitable for all skin types.

Once you have identified the needs of your skin or face as a whole, in this catalog, it’s easy to choose the appropriate care by the name of the cosmetic product (which reflects the effect of the cream).

Applying a comprehensive skin care system, in a few days you will see the result. But in order to achieve a lasting result, it is advisable to use a selected product (or a set of products) for at least three months. This is due to the need to affect the skin during three cycles of cell division, resulting in a complete renewal of the skin and the restoration of healthy biochemical processes in it.

Please pay attention to my recommendations:

  1. If you are not familiar with our cosmetics, then start with small testers. This will help you determine how suitable the selected products are for you.
  2. If at the moment you are experiencing skin problems, then a reaction to lymphatic drainage products, products with acids and retinol is not excluded. The skin will take time to adapt.
  3. If you had reaction to cosmetics, then take a break, and after a week, resume usage, introducing only one product every 2-3 days. This will determine the product that your skin has reacted to. As a rule, with repeated and gradual use of our cosmetics, reactions will no longer follow.
  4. On the website you can familiarize yourself with the certificates and protocols of clinical investigations of our cosmetics.
  5. In my clinic, you can test our products and get help in their selection.


I wish you a pleasant acquaintance with our cosmetics and with your new skin!

— Elena Kondrasheva
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